Though his on-screen presence alone was arresting enough to earn him a unique place in the memory of cinema's collective consciousness, much has been made of Cary Grant's iconic style too. Throughout the development of our SS14 collection, our creative team looked back upon the leisure style of history's most sartorially arresting figures. See why Cary Grant's inimitable style was at the forefront of the process of inspiration.

It's hard to think of the golden age of cinema without the image of Cary Grant cropping up. Through an illustrious career, it wasn't only the actor's brilliant turns on-screen which are fondly remembered, but also his distinct sense of personal style.

Though images of the actor's life are imbued with a gilded edge thanks to a constant peppering of beautiful and glamorous accomplices, Cary Grant's beginnings were far humbler. British-born Grant began life as Archibald Leach, the son of working class parents in Bristol, England.

His ascent to movie stardom upon moving to America in the 1920s is reflected in his impeccable dress sense. And looking back, though each of the items which Grant wore look like the epitome of classic style, each garment was selected with an attention to detail not apparent immediately.

What's Cary Grant's influence on SS14? It's all in the styling. Though Cary Grant's ability to don tailoring, chinos or even classic jumpers with apparent ease looks effortless, each look is carefully considered. We're adopting this ethos of elegant insouciance, especially on SS14's off-duty days.

So, pair patterned Cuban collar shirts with light sand chinos or team a light linen blazer with a crisp white shirt and black tailored trousers. And above all, keep thing unfussy for a clean, pared-back look that feels classic yet oh-so relevant.

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