With the New Year drawing closer, we're starting to get excited about our brand new SS13 mainline and 1971 collections. Their clean yet soulful vibes are just what every wardrobe needs for a fresh start in the New Year. With many of the pieces in our upcoming collections drawing inspiration from art and architecture, we thought it would be the perfect time to mention the Tate Modern's ongoing Structure and Clarity display.

Open everyday, the central room in the wing of the Tate Modern is dedicated to the abstract or 'constructive' art of the inter-war years. The work on display here shows cool geometric forms and shapes that are not restricted by the limitations of reality.

The artists who have produced these pieces of work had Utopian ideals for both art and society, which is why they have managed to create such fantastic designs and architecture. From early film and photography in the 1920s to the minimalist art of the 1960s, this display is always worth seeing when you feel like being inspired.

We'll leave you with some images from the Tate Modern's Structure and Clarity display; keep your eyes peeled for how art and architecture has inspired our brand new collections once they arrive early in the New Year...