As New Year's Eve beckons, we finish off our top 5 party blowdries series with Charles Worthington by showing you how to perfect your very own Glamour Wave - our favourite on the menu. Road-tested by our Marketing Assistant, Jess, Charles Worthington's head stylist, Marc, shows us how-to.

Step 1

On clean dry hair apply CW Volume and Bounce Mousse evenly throughout and comb through for even distribution.  Blow dry into the hair keeping it quite smooth.

Step 2

Draw a deep side parting and wave the hair with a wand, heating all the sections of hair in the same direction as you tong - towards the face keeping the tong in a vertical position. Repeat throughout.

Step 3

Once complete and allowed to cool , take a comb and hairspray and gently tease the waves together by sculpting and spraying with the comb and spray to encourage a strong shape and consistent flow between the waves.


Step 4

Finish with a shine spray and a light, flexible hold hairspray to seal.


Jess' platinum locks were transformed into a Forties-esque Hollywood wave, which stayed beautifully in place all day.

Officially daubed Veronica Lake back at the office, needless to say, Jess loved her glamorous wavy blowdry.

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