Texture is a bit of a buzz word in fashion at the moment, and particularly in a summer season when cottons, silks, leathers and rich embroideries are tossed together to create beautiful, sunshine-ready looks. It's not about choosing a texture and sticking to it though, we suggest you blend and contrast these luxe fabrics to build the most tactile of ensembles.


Tactile is the obvious word to associate with SS14's texture trend, which takes 'touch me' textures and blends them. Like in this look, where a crochet embroidered top sits above a waffle fabric short. Contrasting, but with a subtlety, it has richness, depth and a luxurious feel - literally.

In this look: Our Isabel crochet top and Olive waffle shorts.


Opposites attract, both in colour and texture. Take this simple look; black and white couldn't look easier. However, it's the contrasting texture rather than colour which offers this look its edge. The luxe silky top against butter-soft and uber-tactile leather shorts.

In this look: Our Blondel silky top, Emerald leather shorts, Malva sandals and Tarragon clutch.


Laser cut pieces are often the most intricate textures and instantly speak of summer. Approach the blend by pairing a laser cut skirt with a sheer lace top. The flashes of sun-kissed skin which peek through offer the trend a hint of sexiness.

In this look: Della lace top and Kaneo laser cut skirt.


Bold and not for shrinking violets, blending lace and grainy fabrics with a graphic check throws a print into the texture mix - totally turning up the heat. These check shorts have a linen feel too, adding a further dimension to this strong concoction of textured pieces.

In this look: Juliette textured blazer, Della lace top, Portico check shorts, Serena sandals and Vixen clutch.


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