French style has long been admired for its simplicity and effortlessness, and Jane Birkin is an obvious muse to encapsulate this (despite her English origins). The stylish actress and singer featured on our design team's mood boards this season, which drew inspiration from the Riviera and its glamour. Here we share some of our favourite Jane moments from the Sixties and beyond.  

Long before the Hermes 'Birkin' bag was named after Jane, came her rustic wicker basket which she toted around France during the 1960s and Seventies. It even made an appearance on the red carpet in Cannes in 1974.

It's this nonchalant attitude and down-played elegance which makes up Jane's trademark look. Simple tees, shirts, trousers and denim immediately springs to mind when referencing her great style.

Adding to Jane's appeal is her iconic ten-year relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, during which the couple recorded and released the erotic and controversial Je t'aime moi no plus in 1969. Despite being banned across parts of Europe and the US, it didn't stop the song reaching number one in the UK and many other countries too.

A true beauty that epitomises our summer style inspiration, she invigorates our love for those wardrobe basics which are so simple but can look so stylish.

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