Try as we might, there’s no getting around the fact that sometimes a summer doesn’t feel much like a summer at all. While we may be optimistically wedded to the idea of long sunny days and barbecues without threatening clouds collecting overhead, we’re hereby calling for a reality check on the season formerly known as summer. Don’t pack away your T-shirts and shorts just yet though – we’re not completely writing off chances for basking in rays, we’re simply giving you a sartorial briefing for all eventualities. Come rain or shine, here are six looks to see you through summer.


If you’re not familiar with Pitti Uomo, it’s time to get acquainted. The bi-annual menswear showcase hosted in Florence is attended by everyone who's anyone in the menswear world and pretty much reinforces all those clichés you’ve heard about Italian men’s style.

Namely, that’s the fact that Italian men know their tailoring – thankfully there’s not a shapeless pinstripe suit in sight. They're also certainly not averse to linen or going without socks when wearing shoes. In short, it’s your template for wearing suiting in the summer.

How can you wear even if you’re not sauntering down the streets of Florence? Try mixing light and dark tailoring and try a T-shirt instead of a shirt to tone the look down.


If you're not inclined to wear suiting during summer, sportswear inspired designs offer an appealing alternative. Serving up equal parts comfort and style, this is tracksuits, sneakers and baseball caps but not as you know them.

Above all sportswear should be considered as an influence and not a trend to be taken literally. So, go for plain baseball caps crafted from wool, take your cuffed trousers tailored and slip into a pair of sports luxe sneakers. Rarely has it felt so good to look so good.


The last time suede held such strong sway in the wardrobes of men, things weren't so rosy. It was the 90s and suede was at best boxy, at worst a strokably soft nightmare. Thankfully, 2016's take on suede is sharp, sophisticated and can be found on practically every menswear item you can think of - excluding trousers and T-shirts of course.

In theory summer means less rain, so it's the perfect time to don suede. On cooler days, opt for a suede bomber jacket (which will see you well into autumn) and if it's a little warmer, a suede shirt offers the perfect way to cover up.


If you're firmly wedded to your uniform of black and navy look away now because this summer's wisest way to wear colour is pale. Still with us? Good, because summer's pastels aren't as tricky to pull off as they sound.

As an entry piece, consider pale beige chinos, then layer up with pink, pale green and stone lightweight knits. If you're not swayed by the sartorial plus points of pairing pastels, try incorporating one pastel piece - such as a sweatshirt - into your summer wardrobe.


Even the most adventurous of well-dressed men are wary of bold pattern when it comes to their summer wardrobe. It's no surprise really, given that the Hawaiian shirt is most memorable for making ill-executed appearances at family barbecues.

Leave behind this smoke-drenched stereotype by taking a more minimal approach to wearing pattern for summer. For instant subtlety opt for a monochrome design (as above) and swap shorts and flip flops for tailored chinos and leather loafers. Easy.


There are few things more satisfying than finding an item of clothing that aids both functionality and style stock. Step forward the grandad collar shirt, which - despite its stuffy name - is anything but strait laced. Occupying that middle ground between smart and casual, this shirt style can be dressed up or down as you see fit and will pair well with practically anything.

What's the wisest way to wear? We recommend keeping things simple by wearing with chino trousers and penny loafers. If things get a little cooler, simply add a lightweight technical bomber jacket.