Sartorial sketchings


With print on the mind, we couldn't resist delving into the sketch book of our fabulous in-house print designer, Alex Farmer, to fully appreciate the skillful craftsmanship which is poured into every Reiss print. Alex shows us how a simple pencil sketch in black and white is carefully shaded, coloured and expanded to create a finished illustration. This is then developed by the design to team and digitally printed to adorn a specific garment. Here we follow the progress of a beautiful floral illustration sketched by Alex, which evolved into a striking placement print for our Rosie top.

The initial sketch starts its life in simple black and white pencil lines.

Next, shading begins and intricate details are added.

Then, more colour is introduced offering depth and vibrancy.

The illustration is then digitally printed, which offers a greater scope for colour, depth, scale and flexibility.

Finally, the original sketch comes to life as a striking placement print on the beautiful Rosie top.

We love Alex's sketches so much, here are a few more examples of how her illustrations have become the centre of our season in print.

A pretty flamingo and tropical palms were destined to sit on our Tropic vest.

And these beautiful florals work digital wizardry on our Kara blouse.