To mark the launch of Chocolate Week, South London's Olympia played host to Salon Du Chocolat, a celebration of all things cocoa centric. As guests of Hotel Chocolat, we ventured down to discover a world inspired by confectionery. Alongside the expected - chocolates of course - the venue boasted offerings ranging from chocolate-infused wine to an array of unusual creations. Naturally, our most pressing concern was to view the fashions which had been crafted from chocolate. To see what we saw, read on. 

Upon entering the Salon, we were met with the unmistakable scent of chocolate. We soon discovered that it had been re-purposed to become a part of a wide array of creations. From the base for brownies to the filling for confectionery - and more often than not the raw material for a diverse range of sculpture - this endlessly edible ingredient found itself utilised in ways anew.

For us, the main attraction lay within the fashionable designs, created from, or adorned with chocolate. Representing fashion through the ages, two-pieces were decorated with macaroons, gowns came embellished with chocolate leaves, the classic shift dress was reinvented in chocolate squares while a dress’ veil became fertile ground for a dusting of chocolate petals.

While we can't impart the richness of aroma that filled the Salon Du Chocolat, below are just a few of the aesthetic highlights from the event.

A dress adorned with chocolate leaves

Chocolate-infused wine

Cocoa pods

Artisan chocolates

A chocolate easel by Hotel Chocolat

Chocolate sculpture

A dress veil adorned with chocolate petals

A headpiece crafted from chocolate

A dress decorated with macaroons 

A shift dress in detail

A shift dress comprised from squares of chocolate