It’s that time again. Every year I see January as a fresh new page and look at ways I can make improvements to my life for the better. I’m determined to actually stick to my resolutions this year, and I’d like you to join me. Here are some style resolutions inspired by this week's London Collections: Men. But remember, you have to keep to them...

Resolution One: Update the Old

The New Year is the perfect chance to debut a new you, which is why it’s so important to get rid of what you don’t (or shouldn’t) wear anymore. However, why not try giving those old pieces an update before deciding to throw them away?

  • Get an old blazer cleaned and replace its buttons to make it feel good as new.
  • Rework an old pair of jeans or jacket by dying them in an of-the-moment colour.
  • Mix the old with the new. This sounds obvious, but there are so many ways you can breathe life into old pieces by styling them with something current.

Resolution Two: Change it Up

Dressing well is all about exuding confidence, so be bold and take risks with your fashion choices this year. If you mainly opt for dark colours, brighten up for 2013. If you love to make style statements through quirky colours and prints, take a U-turn and keep it minimal. The great thing about fashion is that it’s always moving, so learn to evolve with it instead of getting left behind.

Resolution Three: Pick the Perfect Suit
Every gentleman knows that a well-tailored suit is like a second skin, which is why finding the right one is the best way to begin the New Year. Here’s a few pointers to remember when choosing your suit.
  • Fit is everything. The suit should finish to the right lengths on the arms and lengths and rest perfectly on the body.
  • Avoid buttoning the last button of the jacket as it has the tendency of looking a tad uptight.
  • Always remember: you wear the suit, the suit should not wear you.