We talk wedding photography to London-based photographer, Benjamin Wheeler, to get the lowdown on what makes for the best photos on the day

There's a host of contributing factors to be considered when it comes to planning the perfect wedding day and depending on your personal style, taste and preferences, these can differ vastly. One thing that holds its consistency though, is the importance of finding the right photographer. We talk to London-based Wedding Photographer, Benjamin Wheeler, on what it takes to capture the most significant moments of the day.

How did you get into wedding photography?

I started my career as a fashion photographer, working in luxury e-commerce and shooting weddings more as a hobby or a favour for friends than a career path. It quickly developed into something that I loved. I got to see a real story unfold and raw emotion translate into my photographs. 6 years later, I still find it as exciting as I did on day one.

What are the main perks of your job?

I work flexible hours, which is fantastic. It allows me to concentrate my focus on side projects during low wedding season, create personal still life work and take on any additional commissions that might come my way.

Where is your dream destination for a wedding shoot?

I have shot in a couple of stunning destinations, most recently Sydney and Punta Del Este in Uruguay, but I am still hoping to shoot a wedding in Yosemite in California one day.

In your opinion, what makes for the perfect wedding shot?

I am a story teller, not just a documentary style wedding photographer. I am inspired by design, beautiful interiors, natural light and all of the above plays a part when planning a shot. There is no perfect wedding shot, but it is the moments in between shooting portraits of a couple that captivate me so much. You are invited in on an intimate moment between a newlywed couple and that is incredibly special. I try my best to represent this moment.

What was the most memorable wedding that you attended and what made it so?

I photographed an old school friend’s wedding last summer which will always stay with me. One of the most inspirational young women along with her awesome husband that came through so much together. The emotion, joy and celebration that day was electric.

Do you work with anyone else or do you shoot and edit everything yourself?

I sometimes ask a friend or an old face to come along on the trip with me. Sometimes you might need the extra hands if it's a huge wedding, or maybe it’s just something I can't wait to share with someone else in the same line of work.

How important is a social media presence for someone in your line of work?

Extremely important. With such an image-saturated social media world now it’s important to keep your work fresh and ensure it appeals to the right couples looking for their wedding photographer. Instagram is brilliant; who knows where we will be in 5 years.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to start up in the industry?

Go for it! Trust in yourself and your own identity and think what you want to bring to the industry. It might be scary at first, but keep shooting. Shoot in between jobs to keep your ideas fresh.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Still in wedding photography, but maybe in a new exciting country. I would love to follow the inspiring attitude of my art and photography tutor from college and pursue the teaching route. I’m conscious to never stop doing what I love.

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