The Reiss Archive looks back on the greatest menswear moments for Reiss over the past decade, taking the most popular designs and reissuing them for a new season in menswear. The result? A forward-looking collection which feels modern yet comfortingly familiar.


Often consigned to the background, navy may not be menswear's most visually-arresting hue, but its sartorial prowess for AW14 knows no bounds. How to make navy feel new this season? Refute the old adage that black and navy shouldn't be seen together by layering navy liberally, mixing with carefully placed accents of black.

The navy Rage coat takes Reiss core outerwear design and gives it a modern makeover for AW14, bestowing the coat with that elusive sartorial combination of  freshness and familiarity. At its heart the Land coat offers winter functionality. With its funnel collar and long-line design it's the ideal style to ward off the worst of the wintry chills. However, subtle details - such as a clasp at the collar - imbue this style with a design-led sensibility.


For us the appeal of men's knitwear's is two-fold, firstly - and foremost - a well-chosen piece of knitwear offers its wearer comfort and warmth unrivalled. Practical concerns aside, modern knitwear has transitioned from the realm of winter essential and has become a stylish staple in its own right. For AW14 textured knitwear is key, that's why we've woven our designs in everything from super-soft cashmere to chunky waffle weave. Take your pick of knits.

The Fort navy stand collar jumper

Skilfully traversing the line between relaxed and refined, the Fort stand collar jumper uses a melange textural weave to update an iconic shape. Cuffed at its hem and each sleeve, this contrast weave retains the aesthetic undercurrent of the original, but is simultaneously an undeniably stylish embodiment of knitwear's current penchant for tactile texture.


Though it may have been a part of men's wardrobes for many generations, the hooded water-proof coat has not always been looked upon favourably for its style stock. Now, thankfully, aficionados of menswear are waking up to the raincoat's aesthetic appeal, meaning that it's now just as much valued for its good looks as its water-repelling ability.

The Zupo navy hooded short jacket

Crafted from pure cotton, the Zupo navy hooded short jacket takes a time-treasured design from our archive but reinvents the piece, it with directional design and new technical specifications. Not just sure to become a pivotal part of your off-duty winter wardrobe, the design is something of a modern take on the raincoat – a