As our Personal Shopping expert, stylist Rachel Booth is familiar with the task of creating capsule wardrobes and outfits for special occasions. To that end, we asked her to take two key pieces from our AW14 collection and show just how versatile they really are. Read on to discover all of Rachel's insider tips and all of her advice on how to make the most of your favourite Reiss purchases.

Talk us through your first choice.

It’s a popular misconception that the jumpsuit is only for slim women or younger women. A jumpsuit can be incredibly flattering, particularly for curvier and more feminine figures, it’s also a very flexible piece and serves as a great alternative to a dress.

What makes your chosen piece special?

I love the Otto jumpsuit in particular as it’s monochrome but the detail at the neckline means that it's flexible for daytime or evening dressing. You can play with colour blocking or create a really soft muted look; I like flexible pieces that can work hard in your wardrobe.

Best piece of style advice you’d give when choosing eveningwear?

With eveningwear I would always recommend going for flexible pieces because you always want to arrive at an event or a venue dressed appropriately for that particular evening. Something can look great on you, but it may not be the right outfit for that particular event. The reason I love the key pieces that I've chosen is that they are endlessly versatile, so you can arrive in the perfect version of that outfit for the evening.

What’s your top tip for day-to-night dressing?

One of my top tips and personal favourite things to do for day-to-tonight dressing is wear a leather jacket, as it's such an easy way to take something from a corporate or daytime look into a more contemporary evening look.

What is your signature after-dark style?

Leather trousers are the most perfect evening piece and you can dress them up and they always look modern and feminine. They can be easily dressed up with a sheer lace top and metallic court shoes, or if I want to go for a more casual drink I’ll wear some heeled ankle boots and a cashmere jumper.

How would you spend your dream evening out?

There is so much choice in London and it's hard to know where to begin. Id love to be invited for dinner at No.10! But in reality I'm part of a dining club and looking forward to Decembers dinner starting with drinks at the  Mandarin Hotel in London then jumping on the Eurostar for dinner at the Mini Palais in Paris then off to dance till the early hours in one of Paris’s many jazz clubs. Ill be wearing Reiss vintage, the Riley beaded limited edition jumpsuit from our a adversary year and Tom Ford red lips.

The Costilla navy dress

Talk us through your second outfit choice. Embellishments and texture are such a key part of this season and I love this dress in particular because it captures all of those elements with the beautiful silk shirt top embellishment across the chest. I also love the colours midnight navy and black. It’s such a lovely colour combination, and although many people are often wary of this combination, I just love it.

I wanted to show how you could take a really beautiful dress either to a contemporary cocktail bar or a black tie event. For a cocktail bar, pair with beautiful ankle boots and a textured leather jacket. It’s a great way of making an evening dress contemporary and slightly more casual.