Reiss Loves: The Olympic Park


Geed up by the phenomenal Olympic performances during Super Saturday (six gold medals?!), the Reiss team was VERY excited to be making its way to the Olympic Park today, to catch the first round of the Synchronised Swimming duets. With sights to see, flags to wave and atmosphere to be soaked up, we couldn't wait to hop off the jubilee line at Stratford and enjoy our own slice of Olympic fever.

Catching the first glimpse of the Olympic stadium was really breathtaking. No matter how good it looks on TV, it's far more exciting in real life. And, despite the relentless rain and even claps of thunder, eventually the clouds parted and slithers of blue sky and sunshine shone over the stadium, enhancing its glory all the more.

And, the Velodrome is surely the most stylish building in Stratford? It's really very, very beautiful.

We loved the Orbit and its helter skelter look, which was always peeking out beside/behind the Olympic stadium. Unfortunately we couldn't nab tickets to go to the top, but it looked pretty impressive from the ground, so we didn't mind too much.

There's plenty of instructions dotted around - as if you needed reminding of what it's all about!

And with flags flapping at every turn, you can't escape those magnificent five rings.

Finally, after our wander around the park, into the Aquatics Centre we went. Primed to take in 24 duet routines in the technical round, we were looking forward to cheering on Team GB.

Spain ensured the competition started with a bang; their polka-dotted costumes and Flamenco-inspired routine was a delight to watch and the judges scored them highly.

Every duet that entered the stage (with a very jaunty, shoulder-wiggling walk) was sure to strike a pose. Some more dramatic than others...

Sparkles, spangles and sequins; we've decided that synchronised swimming is surely the Eurovision of the sporting world? It's so glittery and camp, and the music is amazing!

Each duet had to include certain technical moves into its routine, but each managed to entertain with some fancy legwork.

Team GB hit the pool! The crowd went insane for these two girls; flags were waved high and cheers were catapulting around the room. With snazzy costumes and fixed smiles, we loved every minute.

Waiting for their results, the British girls came a very respectable ninth, with Russia, China and Spain finishing top three.

The decider will be the freestyle round tomorrow, so we'll keep everything crossed that Team GB make it through to the final.

And so, our day at the Olympic Park came to an end. With the threat of further showers, we made a dash for the tube and hurried home to catch the men's 100 metre final. What a day!