Today is the first of March, which despite the rather dull weather outside, is surely reason enough to put a spring in our step? One thing sure to brigten moods over the weekend is a beautifully-cultivated bunch of flowers. So, this weekend we'll be hot-footing it to Scarlet & Violet in north west London to pick up a bunch of something suitably cheerful and blossoming.

Acting as the perfect set for part of our London Lives feature with Marie Dessuant, Scarlet & Violet is a flower lover's paradise nestled up in Kensal Rise.

Opened by Vic Brotherson in 2006 after a long career with flowers, Scarlet & Violet has been delivering flowers across London, installing house flowers and creating bouquets for weddings and events ever since.

A real visual extravaganza, Scarlet & Violet has a curiosity at every turn, from vintage-y vases, jugs and tea cups to hold your blooms, to cute books and prints and huge jars packed with colourful rolls of ribbons.

And, of course, lots and lots beautiful flowers. We think it must be one of the best-smelling places in London! So we took five minutes with S&V and asked them a couple of flora and fauna questions...

What flowers are popular right now? Poppies, ranunculas, blossom, hyacinths...beautiful, scented flowers.

And, what's your current favourite? Ranunculas - from white and pink to orange and yellow. They last amazingly well, too (up to 10 days).

How are you displaying flowers at the moment?

In huge enamel jugs to little pickle jars and milk bottles (which are great for inividual stems). These are really cute and inexpensive ways to display your flowers.

What's the secret to the perfect bouquet?

It's usually best to stick to one theme; like soft and pretty with pinks and whites, or just go bonkers with really bright, vibrant blooms. There are no rules really, you'll find most flowers will work well together as long as they are beautiful.

Scarlet & Violet

76 Chamberlayne Road, London, NW10 3JJ.

020 8969 9446