This afternoon we've been treated to something sweet courtesy of our multi-talented Marketing Assistant, Jess. Maybe she was inspired by last night's Great British Bake Off? Or maybe she just craved chocolate? Who knows why, but she's whipped up some delicious Oreo Truffles which we're about to tuck into with a cup of tea. Simple ingredients, easy to make and ever-so impressive, here's how Jess did it, if you fancy treating your colleagues tomorrow.

The following recipe makes about 30 truffles. You'll need:

2 packs of Oreos

¾ tub of cream cheese

1 bar of white chocolate

How to make them:

Bash up the Oreos into little pieces (Jess did it in a sandwich bag with a big spoon!). Once they're suitably smashed into tiny bits mix with the cream cheese.

Then roll the mixture into tiny balls and place onto baking paper.

Next, melt the chocolate on the hob (in a heat proof bowl above hot water).

Dip the balls into the melted chocolate (Jess used a spoon and a fork), place back on the baking paper and sprinkle with more crushed Oreos.

Leave in fridge for an hour or overnight and enjoy!