Reiss Loves: Modern Gentleman Books


This week we’ve been looking at books which offer classic skills for the modern man. Useful for everything from performing the manliest of tasks with ease to first date etiquette, here's two of our favourites.

Debrett’s 2012 reprinting of Guide For The Modern Gentleman, first grabbed our interest with its 'Twenty Things To Do Before You Die' Extravagance chapter – driving Formula One cars and booking the entire floor of a hotel for a party, anyone? As well as how to speak to your auctioneer, bookie, tailor and barber, it's a must-read.

Another book worth leafing through is The Art Of Manliness, by husband and wife team, Brett and Kate McKay. We were really taken by the Outdoorsman chapter. We now know how to navigate by the north star, start a fire without matches and know which clouds mean it’s going to rain. Admitedly, not every day skills, but certainly worth knowing.

Happy reading!