This week, the Reiss team paid a visit to the Barbican Art Gallery to take in its latest exhibition, 'Bauhaus: Art As Life' .

The exhibition is the biggest exploration of the movement in over forty years and is a celebration of the visionary movement created by the most famous art school of our time.

The exhibition explores the values of a post-war society using various mediums such as film, sculpture, architecture, and photography created by both the students and the visionary thinkers behind the movement, Walter Gropius and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

This Bauhaus "building house' style originated at a time when the German spirit of the times had become more functional and practical rather than expressive and theatrical. This exhibition is a nod to this style being evident in modern architecture, interior design, graphic design and indeed all aspects of art today.

‘Bauhaus: Art as Life’ is running at the Barbican Art Gallery, London until August 12.