Reiss Loves: Another London


Another London: International Photographers Capture City Life 1930-1980 At a time when all eyes are on our capital city, Tate Britain is showcasing a selection of black and white photographs taken of the city by international photographers throughout the last fifty years. We checked it out this weekend...

The selection has been taken from the Eric and Louise Franck collection, a unique portfolio of 1400 photographs promised as a donation to the Tate.

"Another London brings together some of the most celebrated photographers of the 20th century who came to London and photographed the city in the years between 1930 and 1980. These photographers came here under a variety of circumstances, some arrived as refuges, others visited briefly on assignment; what they share, however, is the experience of encountering London as a foreign city, which informed their perspectives and had an impact on the kind of photographs they took, resulting in a body of work that shows London as a dynamic metropolis, richly diverse and full of contrast.”

Thoroughly enjoyable, Londoners and visitors alike should visit this photography exhibition, and garner a little more love for the world's most topical capital.

Another London is at Tate Britain until 16 September 2012.