Reiss Girl NYC moves to Brooklyn


So this week has been largely about settling into my new neighbourhood of Williamsburg. After spending my first two weeks in a hotel on 51st and Lexington, I was almost crying tears of joy whilst picking piles of clothes up off the floor and stuffing them into a suitcase getting ready to leave for Brooklyn. Don’t get me wrong I could get used to having my bed made on a daily basis and nobody ever tires of clean towels and shampoo refills but I certainly didn’t feel like Lindsay Lohan residing in The Chateau Marmont, rather more Lost in Translation.

I’ve been in Brooklyn for two weeks now and I started off feeling exactly like the title I’ve been given, a legal alien (can’t say I’ve ever been to a Laundromat before and as a girl that can't cook, won't cook the supermarket was an experience). However, I’m beyond excited to be here and am beginning to settle in, by which I mean I’m starting to learn the ropes or at least haven’t been running around town leaving expensive possessions in cabs!

This weekend gone was the first where I’ve not been packing or unpacking endless amounts of stuff!  Since leaving London there’s been no end of shovelling things in and out of bags, so this weekend was a good one, oh and it was my birthday which I got to share with a family member who’s in town.

Saturday morning I started my day and all-important New York transformation in Woodley and Bunny, a hair salon recommended to me by a fellow English girl in New York.  I sipped on Mimosas and an entire five hours later had been coiffured to perfection (well almost) … Starving hungry, I spent the rest of the afternoon tucking into sushi in the garden of AKO, a Japanese restaurant on Bedford Avenue - totes recommend the Volcano Rolls!

Saturday evening we gigged it, starting first at Terminal 5, Manhattan, then at Brooklyn Bowl watching a New York-based band called ‘Ghost Beach’.

We sipped on Brooklyn Summer Ale and somehow ended up drinking in the kitchen quarters of another bar a couple of blocks down the street. I couldn’t tell you what it was called, and after few too many birthday tequilas the rest was a blur!

Sunday I got up and blearily walked down the street to Millers Tavern for birthday brunch, this place does the meanest Eggs Benedict and it's also one of the best suntraps in Williamsburg for sundown drinks.

I then dragged myself almost kicking and screaming to Landmark Cycles to rent a bike!  I set off  (helmet on back-to-front) feeling like a kid in the Goonies.

I hit up the North 6th flea market and embarked on a mammoth journey over the Williamsburg bridge.

Once you’re over the initial exercise burn of cycling uphill you get to freewheel all the way down to Manhattan, and for that feeling alone it's just so good to be in New York!