Reiss Girl NYC hits the roof


In this week's post I felt it only necessary to send a little sunshine home. Since touching down in New York I’d say the majority of Skype sessions from family, emails from friends, and phone calls from Reiss Towers have been largely centered around the Great British weather, or rather lack of it! Now I hate to be one to boast, but the situ here is somewhat the opposite, come July the heat is turned up and New York sizzles in the sunshine, and what better way to cool down than take to the roof tops!

In this city these wide-open spaces double as back yards (I use words like yard now I’m American and all).  Amid billboards, satellite dishes, chimneys and antennas the city’s famous skyline has long been a hot spot for cocktail parties, BBQs and an array of outdoor entertaining - cue ReissGirlNYC!  Never one to turn down a party, at every opportunity I’ve had my finger firmly on the roof culture pulse and wanted to share with you a couple of my favorite spots to soak up the sunset.

So I started my skyline jaunt at ‘Rare View’ Rooftop on Lexington Avenue.  I was slightly hesitant on making the trip to this haunt, largely due to its postcode.  ‘Midtown’ in the summer should be called ‘Meltdown’ and I do my best to avoid it.  However, stepping out of the lift tens of stories high I was faced with the most exceptional panoramic view of New York City!

Sipping on summer G&Ts at sunset, within reaching distance of two of the most admired landmarks in the city; the Chrysler and Empire State buildings, this hangout is nothing short of breathtaking.  Fairy lights add a whimsical essence and there’s something ‘oh so’ exclusive about this central hideaway!

Having had a taster of these secret retreats in the sky I decided to dip my toe in a little further (quite literally). I took to SOHO House with fellow Reiss gal and life and soul of the party, Jen.

Soho House is a private members club in the heart of the meatpacking district.  We sat on the roof around the swimming pool with a backdrop of the Hudson River and the West Village, accompanied by chilled white wine, avocado & root chips.

Before long we were up, dancing the night away to 80’s classics, the Pointer Sisters, Automatic and Depeche Mode, All I Ever Wanted…all whilst narrowly avoiding the pool!

Since then I’ve been a regular roof-hopper!  Saturday night I ventured high and enjoyed my first BBQ of the year in Brooklyn and Sunday we took to the top for tanning!

So with Independence Day just around the corner there’s only one place to party - the sky’s the limit!