Before I launch into this week’s post I feel it somewhat necessary to issue a content warning or at least reiterate that this blog believe it or not has been written by yours truly and not Gwyneth Paltrow! If you’ve been following REISSGIRLLDN, you should by now be fairly familiar with elements of my lifestyle.  I enjoy the latest pop up burger bars, I pretty much never say no to that after work drink in the local boozer and watching the sunrise on the weekend with friends and red red wine is practically second nature (when will I learn 5am is not my pal?).

So as you can imagine I went into a mild emotional state of shock when I signed myself up to embark on a three day Juice cleanse.

Talk of Juice cleanses has been banding around my social circuits for quite some time and up until now I’ve admittedly avoided them - Well, I like dinner reservations and dislike sediment!  However, with summer somewhere on the horizon and my uncertainties aside, I became increasingly intrigued, so in need of a boost I booked a three day Signature Radiance Cleanse.

The start date came hurtling at me like a falling coconut and just as I was beginning to feel anxious, motivation landed in my inbox in the form of a cleanse pre-pack.  Fairly naive and new to detoxing I had no idea how important the preparation is. So guys and gals if you are going to give your body a little lovein, factor in the before and after, don’t go making any hectic party plans - Your body won't thank you for it!

The long and short of the pre-cleanse is to replace caffeine with plenty of lemon and ginger infused hot water, munch on berries, veggies and all that good stuff!

OH and it’s highly recommended to invest in a body brush and bathe in Epsom salts, they assist in drawing out those ‘heavy weekend’ nasties from the body and help with relaxation (something we all need right?)

Day one of the cleanse and I was feeling prepared for the task ahead, having grazed on nuts and avocado in the lead up to the program I was already beginning to feel a little lighter on my feet and less sluggish, it’s amazing what just a few days off the grog and stodge can do!

I smugly sauntered past Starbucks and my (once) fellow caffeine cronies and arrived at work to a delivery of 15 brightly coloured juices, hand sent by team Radiance complete with instructions to see me right.

Each day consists of five organic fruit and vegetable juices to see you through from morning to night, specially formulated to refuel and reset those daily-eating habits.

Day one I felt pretty puffy, and, according to the welcome pack that was to be expected; so salivating and STARVING was off the agenda! I surprisingly sailed through with few symptoms other than a teeny tiny grumbling of hunger around elevenses - Nothing my 11.30am 'Clean Green' couldn’t handle.

Having been a tad worried over taste I was pleasantly surprised by each bottle particularly the Ginger Lemonade, it would seem Beyoncé was right about the black pepper, c'mon like she's ever wrong!

My least favorite was the Cashew  Milk but this 500ml packs a punch with added protein so it's a vital piece to the puzzle.  And guys, don't freak out about the fruit/veg combinations; each juice is finely tuned to put the RAD in Radiance.

Come days two and three I was already feeling the benefits, I woke from serene sleeps and felt … well … positively positive!

Never ever a morning girl I took my usual Highbury hellish commute in my stride and shocked the colleagues with abnormally early starts!  My skin felt radiant, the occasional brat-attacks were at bay, and for the first time since forever ago I genuinely found greater emotional well-being. Amazing right!

Radiance is a detox cleanse simply made for people like me, because it’s made perfectly simple.

I don’t own a juicer, or at least I didn’t last time I looked; for years I’ve barely had time to get dressed in the mornings let alone whip up a nutritional juicy all-organic storm at 7am!

However, above all I require expert advice and a step by step guide to a happier healthier me because let’s face it: I’ve been left to my own devices for far too long and it’s come to my attention that I’m not so good at flying solo!

On finishing the cleanse I felt overwhelmed with accomplishment: I was rested and rebalanced, lost a few stubborn lbs and  feel set up for a healthier life style (yep this is still me talking) and when freaking out on Twitter about what I was going to talk about when my cleanse was over a follower replied ‘how about how good you feel.’

So friends there you have it, I can't wax lyrical enough about how much I enjoyed this experience and after a grueling bank holiday that will more than likely have put you through your paces on the party front, step away from the stodge and complete a cleanse!

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