So remember that scene in Clueless, the one where Travis makes his epic speech about tardiness and how it’s everyone from his parents to the crew at McDonald's fault for his continual lateness.  Well I’ve not written this blog for the past couple of months and while McDonald's aren’t to blame, please accept an apology, my bad…

I’ve been back in London a little over four months now and it seems there were a few changes in town whilst I was trotting around oblivious on the other side of the Atlantic.  All of a sudden we have more burger bars than Linsanity Lohan’s had court orders, sports trainers have totes replaced the boot, restaurants have decided reservations are ‘way’ last season, it snows in April and my colleagues have taken to talking about sports personalities over the latest Rihanna & Chris Brown scandals - what the hell is that all about?

Anyways, so since my return I’ve been scouring the city for new hideaways to be fed and watered in!  On  leaving New York I was fairly beside myself with concern (yes, I’m that dramatic) that I was swapping the Brooklyn scene of salvaged-wood walls, old-time cocktails and young crowds wearing stripe t shirts, tattoos and coral lipstick for Yates and all you can eat Chinese restaurants!  I’ve since slapped myself for doubting the incredible city I’m from and have tried, tested and re-introduced myself to some of London’s hot hang outs! So sit back and relax as I serve up a couple of London’s latest!

First up, head to Hackney Wick!  There’s a lot more to this area than meets the eye; yes it’s still renowned for factories, industrial goings on and more recently artist’s studios, but it’s also home to my new favorite place, ‘The White Building’!

Nestled on the bank of the canal, this space has been converted into a one-of-a kind brewery and pizzeria!  Ok, so at night it’s a little eerie walking alongside the canal's silent waters with the Olympic Stadium looming on the horizon, but I’m neurotic and besides this place is worth the trek for not only the mouth-watering pizza, but the mega chill atmosphere.  Take my advice and order the Laska Chicken, wash it down with any number of lagers brewed on site and do believe the hype (it’s that rad).  Oh, and what's more my besties' sister lives on a house boat outside the front door - can this place get anymore perfect?!

Seconds up is Platform, a bar situated in a rabbit warren of studios on the second floor at Netil House.  Although it’s not a new venue it’s still a best kept secret!  Platform is as close you’ll come to sitting in your mate’s warehouse apartment without actually being in your mate’s warehouse apartment, if that makes any sense at all? Recline across the sofa, order from the Persian-inspired menu and wait for the evening's focus to shift to arts. Err 'hello' it's like I 'totally' never left Brooklyn...