Friends! So 2012 has been put to bed but not without a bang, the holidays have been filled with festivities and burning candles at both ends! We’ve spent the best part of December sashaying from party to party, no really; we’ve literally been to the opening of an envelope! We’ve survived off a staple diet of Pringles and Champagne for at least two weeks and January’s wages are well and truly spent, oops..!

The New Year is underway and I’m stepping away from the MSG and drinks tray and stepping up my resolutions!  I’ve set myself the usual goals of making grand changes, quitting consumption of almost everything other than lettuce and water and making a long-awaited re-appearance at the gym (I’m expecting my fitness instructor to roll out the red carpet then faint as I take one giant leap through the entrance!)  However, those breakable determinations aside, my biggest adjustment is of the city sort.

Yep, this Reiss Gal is back from the six month excursion in the Big Apple and bounding around the Big Smoke ... New Year, new me but sadly no more New York!

So me old chinas, stay tuned to the blog as I adjust back into London life and get started on exciting new projects in the motherland.

New York I love you, but there really is no place like home ...