Reiss Live is on the final leg of its fashion week journey, and has pulled into the fashion capital of Paris for its last stop. We asked one of our favorite bloggers, Rebecca Laurey of Raspberry Rouge, to give us the front row scoop on the big finale. Here, she shows us what she’s wearing and talks us through her fashion week. Stay tuned as Rebecca brings us her favourite street style looks and sends her full PFW report.

What do you love most and like least during Fashion Week?

I love to travel, first and foremost and get inspired by new cities and everything that's in them. I love the street style part, absolutely, it's so much fun to see people dressing up and showing off. The shows, obviously, to see the new collections and get my mind up to speed on how I'd wear or interpret the trends. What I like least is the stress that comes with it; making it from one show to the other, running around between meetings, not finding a cab, and then at night the bulk of work. Usually it's hard to wind down and not think of fashion for a split second, so when I come home from a fashion week I feel tired, but definitely satisfied.

What is your fashion week style?

My fashion week style is the best version of my daily style, sometimes slightly more edgy but never over the top. I think it should simply reflect you as a person, it doesn't make sense to pretend to be someone else for a few days as when people come back to my blog or social media they will see a totally different person. I think everyone tries to upgrade during fashion week, definitely, but what's key is to still see me when I see photographs of myself, and be comfortable in what I wear.

What are your must-have pieces for SS14?

I've gone on this strictly flats regime recently, I think now more than ever it's totally ok to sport sneakers or slip-ons to fashion week. You also see a lot of pastels and midi-lengths, which I love. I'm not really into bold colors, my style is usually pretty monochrome. Must-haves are the pink coat, crop tops, midi skirts, backpacks and pool sliders. Not quite sure if all of those are for me, but you can see it buzzing!

Rebecca wears our Tomley Arc jacket with the Nell Arc trousers.
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