perfect day for a rummage


Weekend shopping should be a leisurely perusal of all those wonderful curiosities and oddities that we'd fill our houses with in a heartbeat if only we had one big enough. While in L.A. we stumbled across Brown's Hardware in Abbott Kinney (a great area for interiors shopping) and were drawn into this cavern of antiques by the hotch potch of pieces spilling out onto the streets.

Just the kind of store you'd spend far too much time in, Brown's Hardware is a Saturday strollers haven.

We loved the window display of blamanche-pink cake stands, and once inside, we discovered an entire wall of even more in lime, turquoise and ruby red.

The kind of bits and bobs that were never going to fit in our suitcases lined the shop frontĀ  - excess luggage?

Beautifully rustic, vintage pieces tempted us from the doorway.

Towers of brightly-painted chairs formed art installations that the owner moves around every time a piece is destined for pastures new.

Glistening chandeliers twinkled from every corner.

And, we loved these vintage photographs and stacks of plates - not your average decorative pieces, but really impactful.

They also had cabinets packed full of vintage fabric, in every colour and whimsical print imaginable.

They really cram it all in, but it's certainly not your average hardware store, in fact, we think the name is a little misleading, it'sĀ  more of a wonderful antiques emporium.

With so much to see, we suggest you while away the afternoon with a delightful mooch around Brown's, and dare you to try and leave empty-handed.