It's not enough simply to be shrewdly dressed for your end of year social engagements, it's also of paramount importance to be appropriately groomed - n.b. not to be confused with overly groomed. The best way to start? Pay due consideration to your hairstyle, it's one of the best investments for the party season ahead. To ensure that you're expertly chopped and coiffed, we tasked Murdock's master barber Alex Glover to impart his sage advice on which styles you should be sporting. Here are his insider tips.


If you've got a short back and sides haircut (or a slightly grown out version of this classic style), try tempering your long layers on top by slicking the whole lot directly back with no parting. We think this style works well as a groomed contrast to a full beard as it will add an element of polish to your look. For the ideal finish use either a matt product such as Matt Mudd or a shiny product such as Elastik, as both complement this style well.


1.Work your product through damp hair.

2.Using a comb, work all of your hair backwards including any on the back or sides of your head.

3.For a mussed up, undone look run your fingers backwards through your hair to create natural breaks.


If you want to stick to a conservative look, opt for a sleek side-parted style which is perfect for a black tie affair. You should make sure that your hair is cut into a style which has a short back and sides, then comb it into place using a product which allows you total control and maximum shine.

To tame naturally straight/wavy hair into place, Murdock suggest using a binding product such as Sweet Georgia Brown pomade, brillantine, or a soft, oily product such as Hair Play. The objective here for your hair's texture is is 0% volume and 100% glossiness.

This style will be harder to achieve if your hair is curly. For those with curly hair, first blow dry or flat iron your hair as straight as possible and then use a drier product such as matt putty to secure into place.


1. Comb all of the hair on the back and sides of your head to their natural fall, slicking each hair flat to your head as you do so.

2. Comb the top layers of your hair at 45 degrees from front hairline, find your parting with the nib of the comb (usually at the Apex of the recession), then slick down using the wide teeth of the comb following through using the finer ones.

3. As you are combing experiment with where hair sits best- which can either be at 90 degrees to the parting or slicked slightly back.



If you want to create volume and impact without formality, go for a dashing windswept look that's artfully dishevelled. Tone curls, enhance natural waves, create volume and make impact without formality. This style works well on all layered, textured haircuts. It's the antithesis of the former two  but is still party appropriate. To achieve this look Murdock suggests using Davines No14 Sea Salt Primer which will give hair grip and traction, thereby making it easier to style.


 1. Irrespective of whether your hair is curly or straight, add sea salt primer to damp hair.

2. Dry hair using a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment.

3. Twist small bunches of  hair on the top of your head through your fingertips whilst pulling upward to get the hair to stand naturally higher, use a little volume powder at the roots to boost it, though skip this if your hair is already thick.

4. Repeat the above step, but this time pull backwards on the sides of your hair and downwards on the back.

 5. Once dry your hair may look slightly frizzy, so use a spray wax to mist.

6. Finally, use your flat palms to flick over the surface of your hair and it should have the ideal texture.

Alex Glover's tips on how to get groomed for party season and how to make a recovery are to follow shortly here on the blog. For more hair inspiration in the meantime, visit the Murdock website.