Pack clever, travel light


Knowing what to pack in your suitcase when space is at a shortage can be a challenge - as we can't take everything we want and stay within our luggage allowance. However, if you pack clever, wherever you're off to, you'll have the right kit to wear. With just a few essential pieces and a little bit of mix and match, your attitude to packing will change forever. Less is more.

First up, pack a playsuit - it looks great with flats during the day or heels come nightfall. Don a roomy shoulder bag and a vintage hat for your daily activities and ditch them when it's time to party.

Ziggy playsuit, Barney bag and vintage Reiss hat.

Clever layering is the key to travelling light. Take a pretty cotton skirt and pastel shirt, slip a loose-weave knit over the top and mini wedge sandals on your feet. These pieces are strong alone, but work effortlessly in layers, too.

Lawrence knit, Josh shirt, Giselle skirt, Simona sandals and vintage hat.

The trusty Breton stripe top is a versatile champion. Wear it under a blazer, under a jumper, or on its own. Clash it with prints or use it to elevate a simple outfit into something more interesting. Don't jet-off without it.

Callas jacket, vintage top and Gerrard bag.

Chinos are another must-pack. Opt for dusky rose as opposed to the usual stone, they're dressier and, like the Breton, offer an added dimension to your look.

Callas jacket, vintage top, Briony chinos and vintage necklace.

Remember that loose-weave knit? Grab it and pop it over statement shorts, and slip on those mini wedge sandals again too - these key pieces were always going to be winners.

Lawrence knit, Scout shorts, Simona sandals and vintage sunglasses.

You'll never need pay excess luggage again...