‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land, Reiss staff were preparing to have as much fun as they can! To celebrate Christmas Eve, we thought we’d share what a typical Christmas is like for us at Reiss HQ . From snow in Lithuania to the heat Down Under, Christmas is everyone’s favourite day of the year.

Dom Shearer, Online Stylist and Studio Manager

“Christmas dinner is usually spent at the in-laws'. We usually end up playing a number of games coupled with plenty of red wine and visiting guests throughout the evening. The party usually continues right the way through to Boxing Day, and as this year is my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary, it will definitely be no exception!”

Poppy Watson, UK Marketing Manager

“When I think of a typical Christmas in my house, I think of putting the Christmas tree up and baking mince pies with my mum when I go home to Devon. When it comes to what I’ll be wearing, I usually go for comfort on the big day. A checked knit such as Deanna will be perfect teamed with a pair of skinny jeans.”

Paul Higgins, Menswear VM Stylist

“My typical Christmas is spent with friends and family young and old! It’s the only time of the year you can drink alcohol with breakfast while dressed immaculately – I'm hoping to wake up to our Bridge blazer on Christmas morning. I always raid the Christmas fridge, which tends to be filled to the brim with all major food groups and cakes that a large army couldn't finish!”

Giedre Guntulionyte, Customer Acquisition Manager

“My typical Christmas is all about family gossip, eating way too much and then watching a lot of bad telly. I go home to Lithuania where it is usually -30 outside and I don’t really fancy shivering in silky festive tops or sequinned dresses. Heels get lost in a metre of snow too! I usually opt for a nice jacket like Rosalie in navy, so I can layer 20 warm tops underneath to keep nice and toasty.”

Andrew Burling, Press Officer

“My typical Christmas always seems to start way too early, despite all my siblings being in their 20s now. My parents are still as excited as little children with the house resembling Santa’s grotto at Harrods, but most of all having all the family in one place for the first time all year. It's great seeing my grandparents and catching up with old school friends... and of course, how can I forget - The Great Escape."


Karina Hancock, Sample Coordinator 

"My typical Christmas is in Australia -  it’s a warm day, we are eating cold ham and I am wearing a beautiful summer dress spending the day outside. It goes against all Christmas traditions in the UK, but I know no different! Living in the UK allows me to experience a new Christmas, from one extreme to the other..."