Each year our visual team has to channel its inner-festive cheer to create windows that say Christmas with style. This year's display is a striking, glittering scheme featuring a huge Christmas bauble filled with luxurious gifts. So we spoke to Jon, our Head of Visuals, about the inspiration behind the look and the hard work involved in making it happen.

What was the inspiration behind the windows this year?

The windows were inspired by art, fashion and luxury. The team drew on classic, timeless influences like New York City and glamorous 1950s Tiffany's to create a beautiful display of luxury gifting.

The team developed the idea of a cracked bauble from artist, Jeff Koons' Cracked Egg, which acted as the perfect starting point for creating our gift-filled bauble.

The colours had to be black and gold. Red was toyed with, but in the end, it was decided that black and gold really had the luxury touch we were looking for.

How were the baubles made?

Each bauble was hand-crafted from high quality polystyrene and was hot wire cut and then craved by hand to create the cracked effect and hollowed out bottom, where we perfectly nestled our edit of Christmas gifts. Each bauble was then sprayed with glue and coated with 3 generous layers of glitter.

The bow was fashioned from acrylic. After experimenting with ribbons (which unfortunately flopped), we eventually used clear strips of acrylic mounted on black and treated to gold foil, meaning our bows are super-glossy and perfectly formed.

How long did each one take to make?

It took a team of 4-5 people a little under two weeks to hand-craft all the baubles used in our Christmas display. That's quite a few man hours and a lot of glitter!

How many stores have the new scheme?

8 key stores will have the full scheme and all of our stores will have elements incorporated into their windows.

The stores you'll find our baubles in are: Barrett Street, Market Place, Regent Street, Kings Road, Brompton Road, White City, Stratford and Islington.

From Reiss With Love