It can't be all racing around the city in a ridiculously itsy bitsy dress during fashion week, you know. Especially when temperatures have hit sub-zero. Sometimes, just sometimes, practicality gets a look in, too. So take note from these stylish ladies who have been sinking into cosy coats, wrapping up in jumbo-sized scarves and pulling on cute beanies to dart between the shows.

Starting with a super-cute hat and coat combo, this stylish fashionista has shoulder-shrugged her coat, added a pop of pink and topped off her look with a furry trapper hat.

Jumbo scarves are the perfect way to warm up without over-heating. Wrap 'em, knot 'em or wear 'em loose. Our latest favourite is the Adelaide, in dappled leopard print.

If you want to reveal a sexy flash of skin - whether it's a midriff or an ankle - you might need to reserve warmth in other areas. So pull-on a stylish hat, the beanie is the headgear of choice right now.

And sinking into a cocooning coat will ultimately keep you warm as you make your way around the city. Choose soft colours, luxurious fabrics and oversized shapes to strike that cosy/chic balance.

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