As our style hunting continues at New York Fashion Week, we couldn't help but notice the arresting amount of white on show on the New York city streets. Pulling off the non-colour colour - like only New Yorkers can (with a serious amount of gloss) - going 'blanc' is a huge trend this season, and one we wholly approve of.

It doesn't have to be top-to-toe either, a crisp white coat instantly freshens up a look grounded with black. Try our new Finlee coat for size...

It doesn't even have to scream at you. You can use more eye-popping shades for that. A simple silk tee like our Kami tucked into white skinnies off-set by electric blue and neon green pretty much sums up modern spring dressing.

Or do it, commit to it and own it in full-on, everything's white. We suggest maybe an off-white tailored trouser like our Sara trousers, with a silky top like Ventura and a cute jacket casually shrugged over the shoulders.

It's all about layering white, on white, on white. New York says so.

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