In a world of ever-changing trends and fast-moving sartorial codes a sense of permanence in menswear is a rare but much-welcomed gift. While we’re constantly inspired by the innovation each new season brings – whether that’s in the unconventional weave of a fabric or a new way of looking at an old favourite – some items maintain their relevance season after season, year after year. It is these familiar items that form the foundation of a wardrobe, the solid building blocks upon which you can develop your personal style. From our AW15 collection, we've put together a list of the items that every man should own, no matter the season.


Above, the Nickle grey sweatshirt

What: The Marl sweatshirt. Grey, navy, light blue or pink? No matter the colour, the marl sweatshirt feels constantly relevant and is one of the most useful items a man can have in his sartorial arsenal.

Why: The key to the sweatshirt's enduring appeal lies in its simplicity. Sports-inspired details meet with the undeniably practical crew-neck design, and the rest is men's style history.

How: It's pretty hard to go wrong when wearing a marl sweatshirt. If you can name it, you can probably wear it alongside this wardrobe hero. We recommend looking back to the preppy styling of the sweatshirt's heyday during the 1960s by pairing with a pared-back pair of chinos and tasselled loafers.


Above, the Scooby slim-fit indigo jeans

What: The indigo jeans. Few items in menswear have or ever will boast the versatility of indigo jeans, and it's hard to imagine a casual wardrobe without them.

Why: Like most menswear classics, the key to indigo jeans' longevity is their sheer versatility, from punks and mods to rockstars and rappers - the style can be worked into practically any look, style, time or place. Fundamentally, a good pair of indigo jeans should have the ability to be both statement-making and subdued at the same time.

How: Though they can be worn however you see fit, this season, we're dressing our indigo jeans with contrasting textures. This means a knitted polo shirt and suede chukka boots will make the perfect companions.


Above, the Ash ox blood leather brogues

What: The leather brogues. Despite having a rich and illustrious history as the footwear of choice for well-heeled gentlemen, it is only relatively recently that brogues have properly made the transition from workwear classic to bona fide all-rounder.

Why: They may be - technically - confined to the realm of formalwear, but the style's versatile design means that they're ideal for wearing off-duty too. Worn with tailored trousers, jeans, shorts or chinos, brogues never feel out of place.

How: Work brogues into a on-duty look that fuses smart and relaxed elements. For this opt for a grey tailored suit worn with a simple white T-shirt.