Photograph by Maria Ziegelboeck -


NAME: David St John-James OCCUPATION: Fashion Stylist, Fashion Director Port Magazine WHERE ARE YOU BASED IN LONDON: Where in London are you based: Clerkenwell WHAT NEIGHBOURHOOD DO YOU LIVE IN: Stoke Newington - - What do you do on your days off? Try not to work - Favourite places to dine out for dinner in London? Mangal Ocakbasi restaurant (local home) Moro restaurant (local studio) Mangal, 10 Arcola Street, London E8 2DJ Moro, 34 — 36 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE - Favourite Places to Drink in London? The Shakespeare, 57 Allen Road for pints and Twiglets or any fancy place where little napkins are used for your drink The Shakespeare, 57 Allen Road, Dalston, London N16 8RY - Best Brunch Spot? J.Sheekey J.Sheekey, 28-34 St.Martin’s Court, London WC2N 4AL - - - - Most Inspiring place in London? Driving on my scooter along the mall, in either direction. It takes my breath away and makes me dazzled by London. - Best Cafe? Tina We Salute You Tina We Salute You, 47 King Henry’s Walk, N1 4AL - - - - - - - First stop for any visitor in the city? Waterloo Bridge, a view that sums up London - Favourite Bookshop? Koenig books at the Serpentine Gallery Koenig Books, Serpentine Gallery, Kensington Gardens, London W2 3XA - What is your preferred London Neighbourhood? Where I live in Stoke Newington, however there are many many wonderful neighbourhoods in London.  For me it's based on good amenities and friends. - Name a park that you could spend your whole day in? London is fortunate to be spoilt with the best city parks in the world All day, Kew Gardens or Hampstead For an afternoon or a stroll then it would have to be St James   - Where are your favourite local places to shop? Stocks Farm Butchers at Stoke Newington Farmers Market Wholefoods Stoke Newington Church Street Stocks Farm Butchers, 61 Leswin Road, London N16 7NX Wholefoods, 32-40 Stoke Newington Church Street, London N16 0LU