It's awards season and as we count down to the Oscars on Sunday, we caught up with celebrity stylist, Warren Alfie Baker, to talk us through his favourite Hollywood hotspots.

Name: Warren Alfie Baker

Twitter: @AlfieBakerstyle

Occupation: Fashion Stylist and Editor

Where in the city are you based? Los Angeles, West Hollywood

What's your favourite neighbourhood?

I love me some West Hollywood. Lots of cool bars and stores here. This for me, is the heart of LA.

What's the city's current hotspot?

It has to be SOHO House. The most magnificent views in LA. There's always a celebrity sighting in here. Ssshhhhhh...

Where do you feel truly eptitomises the buzz of the city?

This has to be in the heart of Beverly Hills and Hollywood during award season. As a stylist there is a huge buzz and this is the one of the things that people talk about constantly. There are lots of events leading up to the shows and as its an industry town you get to see lots of people you work with for a cocktail after.

What should be the first stop for any visitor?

The first stop for me would have to be Beachwood Canyon, This is the street that leads you up to the Hollywood sign. There's a wow moment right there.

What's the city's best cafe?

It has to be V Cafe on Melrose. Definitely one for the coffee lovers.... and the staff are fab!

And the best brunch spot?

I love Cecconies on the Corner of Robertson and Melrose. Beautiful interior, indoor and outdoor dining with amazing cocktails and food! They also make a yummy full English breakfast..... You can take the boy out of London.

Where's your favourite place to have a drink?

It has to be my local, The Roger Room. This small bar on La Cienega has a speakeasy feel, designed in an early Hollywood vibe with a great crowd and even better cocktails! Moscow Mules are a must.

Where's your favourite place for dinner?

This is Sunset Tower... hands down. When you walk in you feel the old school glamour of Hollywood. It's the most elegant place to eat.

Where's your favourite bookshop?

Book Soup - the best book shop in LA. Independently done and organised with care. They have so many sections you can find anything in here! It's the Aladdin's Cave of the book world!

What key fashion trends are you seeing on the street?

LA has a very different vibe to London.... with shows like mad men there's a lot more tailored people in town. I'm also seeing casual pants with sports jackets, then you go hipster and see cool bomber jackets with a Vintage Levis feel.

Where are your favourite places to shop?

I love the Melrose Place scene, it's small and quaint. You get more of a small town vibe and there are great stores there.

What do you do on your days off?

I live in the heart of LA so I love to take a 20 minute drive and go to the seaside, ha ha (Santa Monica). I love to stroll down the pier and walk along the front, taking in all the views. There's so much to see, from Muscle Beach to roller bladers - Xanadu-style.

On a rainy day where's the best place to soak up some culture?

I love to check out the LACMA, There are always great exhibitions on there from local artists to the work of Hollywood directors, it's always so diverse.

Where's the most inspiring place in the city?

As a Brit there are so many.... I love to visit the places that were always a dream for me growing up as a kid in London. I love to visit the Hollywood sign sometimes just for that wow moment.

Where's the best place to take photographs?

There are lots of amazing places to take pictures in LA, from Hiking on Runyon Canyon taking in views of downtown and the beach, to the interesting folk in Venice, where you can capture anybody from West Coast basketball players to hipster skateboarders.

Name a park you could spend your whole day in?

I love Griffith Park, it has great hikes, horse back riding and incredible views of the city. You can also visit the Griffith Observatory where the legendary fashion icon, James Dean, filmed the 1950s movie, Rebel Without a Cause.

What is the soundtrack to your life in the city?

This for me has to be the super-talented sound of Frank Ocean. The song Sweet Life is a single from his album Orange and gives you that all round Los Angeles chill.

Tell us an LA secret gem

Oooh tough one... Not so much of a secret but you're more than likely to find a gem here - it's the Rose Bowl flea market. So many goodies to be found, but you'll have to go early.