British model, Portia Freeman, is next up in our quick fire fashion questions. Read on to discover Portia's signature lip colour (something of a trademark), which designer she can't wait to see this week and where she'll be escaping to between shows for a little R'n'R.

Name the 5 essential items in your fashion week kit?

Vita coco, rescue remedy, Chanel Rouge Allure 99 Pirate lipstick, Hermes perfume and some sort of small toy of my son's usually creeps into my bag.

What’s your favourite designer/muse pairing?

My favourite designer/muse combo has to be the beautiful Amanda Harlech and Karl Largerfeld.

What’s your most anticipated show?

I can't wait to see what Ashley Williams has up her sleeve.

Front row etiquette – is anything off limits?

I have a thing about people smacking their lips when they eat so that on the front row could be quite annoying...

What’s your most treasured fashion item ever?

Most treasured fashion item would have to be my bags and shoes I've collected over the years. I love the thought of being able to give them to my little girl if I have one in the future.

Tell us your ‘pinch yourself’ fashion moment?

My 'pinch yourself' moment would have to be the time myself and my partner went to have dinner at China Tang at The Dorchester. We were there sat happily talking to each other until I spotted (Fitty) Liam Neeson, then it took us another 5 minutes to notice we were surrounded by the whole 'A Team' cast. Pretty amusing for me and Pete.

My secret fashion week haunt is….

During London Fashion Week I do love hiding away at the Windle and Moodie salon in Covent Garden for a little me time.

Stay tuned for more LFW posts throughout the week.