The weather might not want to make up its mind in the UK right now, but thankfully the summer holiday season has begun. Therefore jetting off somewhere exotic will pretty much guarantee a dose of much-needed sunshine. Question is, what will you wear on yours? From bold colours to vibrant prints, our latest Menswear Diaries entry will help you effortlessly build a stylish wardrobe for your sunny getaway.

One of the best things about summer holidays (aside from lounging about on the beach all day with a beer in hand), is that you can really let loose when it comes to style. If you're a guy who tends to steer clear from bold colours and vibrant prints back at home, now's the time to explore new sartorial horizons.

By Day

Whether you're planning a day spent by the pool or browsing around the local village, daytime dressing on holiday is all about going the extra mile. A printed shirt such as Stardust will look great teamed with a pair of pastel trousers in a cotton and linen blend, like Ivy.

When it comes to swimming shorts, the louder the better. Forget the steely greys of the morning commute back at home, bold hues and prints will ensure you suit the exotic setting perfectly.

By Night

Once the sun starts to set over your dream destination, it's time to try out the local restaurants and bars. A light blazer such as Bradley in stone will add a dash of suave style to your ensemble, while pairing it with a tee will keep the look laid back.

Footwear and accessories are also key when it comes to your evening attire on holiday. Replace your tie with a pocket square such as Winehouse to ensure you maintain an element of sartorial elegance. Meanwhile, a pair of summer loafers such as Stasko are perfect for stepping stylishly over the cobbled streets of a faraway land.