When it comes to choosing a type of cotton, two folds are definitely better than other one. But what exactly is  two-fold cotton? And why is it so much better than the standard single type? Read on to find out...

Most cotton is crafted from single yarns, meaning that strands of the cotton staple are spun to make a single thread. This thread is used to weave traditional shirting fabrics, which are not quite as luxurious as the ones made from double-cotton.

To make a two-fold yarn, a long and fine staple yarn is chosen first. Then, these separate yarns from the cotton staple are spun together again creating a very fine yarn that has essentially been folded together twice. This is finally woven into a shirting which has a smoother, silkier finish.

The extra care and processing that goes into manufacturing two-fold cotton is reflected in the higher price point of the final piece.

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