In the  first of a two part Menswear Diaries entry, we catch up with Managing Director of Hooka Salons in Liverpool, Dion Padan, about summer holiday hairstyles. Whether you go for short and sharp or long and wavy, here's the best way to keep your 'do stylish in the sun.

Summer is well and truly here, and for once - the weather is looking good! We usually have to go abroad on holiday for a week or two to enjoy such consistent weather. When you do go on holiday however, it’s important to think about what kind of hairstyle you would like. For many guys, especially office and professional types, it can be the only time of the year where they can experiment a little with their hair.

Before choosing a style I would always suggest considering the amount of time you will need to spend styling your hair, as well as what country you will be visiting. For example, a trip to Ibiza or Marbella may allow for a slightly edgier haircut. Will you be visiting a hot country? If so, having a lot of hair may not be the best choice for you.

Some of my clients choose to have their hair cut shorter for their holiday. It’s generally easier to manage for them, takes minimum time to dry and style before going out, and will look good regardless. Having it on the shorter side also reduces the chances of getting tan lines on your face! Many of my clients are getting their hair clippered aggressively short through the back and sides and maintaining length through the top. The hair can be styled as a quiff or unkempt, whichever way it looks great. For added edge why not clipper in a side parting to the style to accentuate the difference in the length?

If you’re sick of having to wear your hair short and fancy letting it grow a bit for your holidays, it looks really cool if you let the edges grow out a little to give the style a shaggier finish. This kind of style looks great on any hair type - straight, wavy or curly; and again I think it’s quite easy to manage while you’re away. Adding a beach texturiser spray on towel-dried hair will prevent the hair from looking too soft and fluffy; it leaves it looking textured and dryer but still looking like it has no product in. If your hair is naturally dry or coarse, apply a moisturising smoothing cream to prevent your hair from dehydration.

Dion opened his first Hooka salon in 2006, which is located in the Ropewalks area of Liverpool city centre. The second salon was opened around the corner from the famous Matthew Street in 2011. Hooka now has a team of 20, all stylists specialising in different aspects of hairdressing for ladies and gents. Both salons are run by Dion and his business partner Ian Sadler. Together they have gone on to win many industry awards. Find out more here.

Check in next week for part two of Dion’s summer holiday hair tips which will focus on caring for your hair in the sun.