Last week, we caught up with Managing Director of Hooka Salons in Liverpool, Dion Padan, to hear the top hairstyles for your summer holiday this year. In the second part of his guest post, Dion gives us the lowdown on looking after your holiday hair. From choosing the right products to looking after your hair's colour and density, read on for Dion's expert advice.

So, you’ve booked your summer holiday, been out clothes shopping and now you need to sort out your toiletries and what you’d like to do with your hair. Here’s a few things to consider before you leave the country...

Different water in different countries

My hair can often look and feel different while I’m away on holiday. Sometimes the water can make it really soft and manageable, while other times it can totally dry my hair out. I’d recommend taking a salt spray and a decent conditioner away with you, one of which should be used every day to get your hair looking well under control and in good condition.

I'd recommend Bangstyle's Light Sea Salt Mist.

Melted hair product

There is nothing worse than your hair product melting in the heat! I always try to store my styling clay in a fridge or well out of the sun. The product is more likely to make your hair greasy and unmanageable if it gets too hot. Always try and dry something into your hair like a beach texturiser or moisturising cream to prevent the hair from being unmanageable. I find styling with a “pot” alone is hard as it tends to melt in your hair once you step into the sun. I always apply a strong hairspray to keep it in place after styling!

I'd suggest trying Kevin Murphy's Strong Hold Finishing Spray.

Hair density

If you find that your hair is thinning on top, it’s really important to look after your scalp (we have all burnt our shoulders when we’ve been out in the sun for too long!)  Apply some sunscreen onto your scalp before going out into the sun to protect your scalp and reapply during the day. When you have a shower, wash hair as normal and leave conditioner on for a decent amount of time to put the moisture into your scalp.

You could always try out Kevin Murphy's Heat Shielding Leave In Conditioner.

Hair colour

Whether our hair is natural or coloured, we find that being out in the sun can result in our hair becoming lighter. It can go blonder or if it’s darker the colour may fade and leave the hair looking slightly warmer in tone with a slight copper or golden shine. If your hair is prone to going lighter, apply some conditioner or leave in conditioner before going into the sun.

Try buying products with heat protection or spf to prevent your hair from getting dried out and damaged when in the sun. Your hair gets dehydrated too! If you are planning on spending a lot of time in the water, you can buy specific products that protect your hair from chlorine and are great for swimmers. If you struggle to find one, apply plenty of conditioner beforehand to create a protective barrier.

I'd suggest trying out various products from Aveda.

Travel light

It’s easy these days to get all your favourite products in miniature bottles for when we go away so there is no excuse for looking a mess on holiday! Invest in your favourite products and refill them once they are empty; you will only have to buy the miniatures once.

I'd recommend trying out various products from American Crew.


If you are taking a hairdryer or some straighteners with you on holiday, I would suggest finding out if the wattage is the same as the UK. I recently went to New York and couldn’t clipper my facial hair as my hair clippers were the wrong wattage. It pays to check beforehand and maybe ask the hotel if they have a spare hairdryer or adaptor plugs, it would save on some luggage weight too.

Being lazy

If all of the above seems a bit much for you and you want to spend more time out drinking, you can always “dry clean” your hair with a Dry Shampoo. I'd recommend Kevin Murphy's Dry Cleaning Spray: simply spray onto your hair and rub with a towel; it leaves the hair feeling and smelling fresh. Then again if all of this seems a bit much for you, throw a baseball cap on and get on with having a good holiday!