Sometimes it’s the little touches that really give an outfit its spark. Here are some styling suggestions inspired by some of my sightings at this week's London Collections: Men. So what are you waiting for? Get styling...

Rolled up trousers, jeans or chinos can show off a stylish pair of socks or expose the entire design of your footwear. This gent gives his casual denim a smart, contemporary twist with tasselled loafers and bright orange socks.

Take a leaf out of this chap's styling book and add a collar pin to your shirt. The simple accessory can take an already dapper look into the highest of stylish territories.

A tie clip creates a similar sartorial impact.

It might not be to everyone's taste, but this is a styling technique I found quite interesting this week. I spotted several guys at London Collections: Men tucking their jeans or trousers into their boots with their socks on show. As long as you stick to dark colours, this can be an effective look.

Check in tomorrow for part two of our New Year style resolutions; inspired by this week's London Collections: Men.