A new season, a new approach to men's style. As winter's grip gently gives way to a more temperate outlook, so too should your old wardrobe give way to a new, reimagined aesthetic for the season ahead. For SS14, here's our definitive guide to what we're wearing and how we're wearing it.


A fixture in contemporary menswear for quite some time, the bomber jacket's resurgence shows no signs of waning just yet. Yes, the sports-inspired shape of the bomber jacket is a true wardrobe perennial, but surprising design details on this season's iterations make the bomber jacket not only covetable for its iconic appeal, but also for its fashion-forward qualities.

How to wear? Choose a pared-back design in technical fabric, or harness stealth sumptuousness by choosing a design rendered in a luxury fabric.


This season's coolest contrast? Put quite plainly: colour tipping. The sartorial successor to colour blocking, colour tipping may grab less attention, but as illustrated by the Dustin jumper, keeping things simple adds an air of effortless insouciance.

How to wear? Don't overthink things. Let subtle colour accents on sleeve cuffs and T-shirt hems add a subtle point of difference, and opt for a classic colourway, such as black and white.


It's been one of the most hotly debated topics in menswear for the past few summers, and while the official line may be that the jury's still out, for us the smallest flash of ankle makes perfect sartorial sense. Yes, there may be the issue of adding a break in your outfit's vertical, but there's something undeniably jaunty about the slightest flash of ankle.

How to wear? Roll up your chinos or jeans (once or twice no more)  forgo socks and pick from brogues, driving shoes or low-top lace-ups to put your best foot forward this season.


While we were coveting suave squares for our winter tailoring wardrobe, for summer we’re considering the sartorial plus points of stripes. Ok, we’ll concede that both stripes and squares are tailoring perennials, however summer’s barely-there fine stripes feel decidedly modern.

How to wear? Whether you opt for delicate chalk stripes or bold regatta stripes, wear your lines vertical.


We'll admit, the idea of a short suit takes a little getting used to, but the trick to mastering this look is making sure that your styling is on point. But why compromise sharpness on off-duty days? Wearing a short suit will ensure that you're perennially poised.

How to wear? Opt for stylish separates in different colours, and wear your summer tailoring with a T-shirt and lace pumps to soften the look.


Give the traditional collar the short shrift and opt for a collarless shirt instead. Obviously, as this shirt is less formal, there's a time and a place, however it's perfect for adding an informal edge to off-duty suiting.

How to wear? Pair with light linen tailoring in the summertime or wear simply tucked in to tailored trousers.