What's the point of having a collection of stylish shoes if you don't properly take care of them? It sounds simple, but there's actually a real technique to keeping your footwear perfectly polished. Here are our top tips on shining shoes.

1. First things first, your shoes must be clean. To do this, wipe them with a damp cloth and then spray with specialised cleaning product.

2. Using your shoe brush, apply an even amount of polish that covers all of your shoe’s leather.

3. Using a soft cloth or bush, work the foam into the different areas of your shoes. Make sure you don’t miss any cracks or crevices in the leather.

4. Wait at least ten seconds before wiping the dirt away with a clean cloth.

5. Let the shoes dry in room temperature.

6. Next, use a sponge to spread your leather cream all over the shoe. Leather cream is essential as it will protect and restore the leather.

7. Leave to dry for three minutes, before finally reaching for your shoe brush and buffing the shoes in a left-to-right motion. This will remove any excess polish.

Shine on, gentleman.