Known for its soft and luxurious qualities, it's no wonder our menswear design team decided to use merino wool in many of our AW13 pieces. In this week's Menswear Diaries entry we look at what makes merino such a fantastic fabric for your autumn/winter attire.

Merinos are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep, giving it its luxurious feel. The wool provides some warmth, but doesn't overheat the wearer. This is because it draws sweat away from the skin, which is a process known as 'wicking'. The fabric is also slightly moisture repellent, allowing the wearer to avoid feeling damp.

It is also a lightweight option, making it ideal for the crafting of fine sweaters such as Astro and Orion. Merino wool can also be dyed in vibrant colours that will inject instant panache into your autumnal attire.

Lightweight merino knits are also perfect for layering. Try wearing yours underneath a well-cut blazer or tailored suit for a sharp and sophisticated approach to sartorial style.