With the recent revival of all things Nineties, it's no surprise really that retro running shoes are back on the scene. So how exactly does a man wear a pair of retro runners in 2013? This week's Menswear Diaries entry has the answers...

Keep it Simple

Sometimes when it comes to retro styles, it's all about keeping it simple for maximum effect. A pair of fresh, 90s-style high-tops in white will look great teamed with a pair of black skinny jeans.

Go all Out.

For a bolder approach, channel the true spirit of the Nineties and opt for a colourful pair of retro trainers. This was the era of acid house and rave, so it's hardly surprising that clothing was heavily influenced by bright hues. Don't be afraid to experiment with vibrant styles this summer.

Our Take

Our approach to this trend of course has a sartorial slant. In our latest menswear feature, Back to Nature, our stylist teamed a pair of retro running shoes with our Monty blazer and trousers in bright blue. We love how the sporty style somehow looks great with a sharp suit. Then again, is there much that doesn't?