Summer might seem like a lifetime away, but it's the perfect time to book that well-deserved holiday and decide what sort of pieces you're going to pack. And, those who spend a lot of time travelling will know that there are real tricks to the trade. Here are our pointers on how to master the art of packing.

  • Ensure the suitcase is clean and smells fresh.
  • Fasten all buttons, zips etc. so your clothing keeps its shape and doesn’t catch other items.
  • Lie trousers on top of each other before they go in the case. Then fold them once over each other when you put them in.
  • Lie your shirts on top of each other and then fold the arms in and roll the body up towards the neck. This will save room and prevent creases from occurring.
  • Tuck socks into your shoes to save space.
  • Position shoes in the shoe bags they came in. If you no longer have these, pack them separately in plastic bags and place them along the border of your suitcase.
  • Don’t forget to padlock your case and mark it so it’s easy to spot on the other side!