With a heatwave in full swing, we all know how important it is to get your footwear right. We're all human, so naturally feet can sweat - but this doesn't mean you have to avoid going sockless throughout the summer months. This week's Menswear Diaries entry is all about ensuring your feet don't smell or feel sticky when you slip on your deck shoes and leave the socks at home.

Not all of us have feet that remain odorless after spending all day walking through a boiling hot city, which is why it's important (to at least attempt!) to prevent our feet from smelling and our footwear getting ruined.

1. Good old soap and water.

It sounds obvious, but giving your feet a quick rinse with soapy water after being out in the heat will make all the difference when it comes to their odor. This smell is caused by a gas released from the bacteria eating and digesting the dead skin cells off your feet. Grossed out yet? We thought you might be. Get rinsing!

2. Using foot powders.

Many guys aren't even aware that it exists, but foot powder is an absolute essential to tackle the odors brought on by the summer heat. Containing talcum and baking soda, food powder absorbs sweat and deodorises feet. Check out Odor-Eaters to get your hands on some foot powder now.


3. Opt for low-cut loafer liners.

Ok, this is kind of cheating as we've called this post 'Going Sockless' - but these aren't your average pair of chunky socks. More for achieving the sockless look, loafer liners are low-cut invisible socks that give off the impression you're not wearing socks. They also keep your ankles cool and absorb moisture the same way normal socks do. If you feel like making even more of a style statement, invest in a pair of loafer lines in a vibrant hue.

So, you've worked out how to go sockless - now you just need the footwear. From slip-on driving shoes to canvas pumps, you'll find every summer style you need in our collection. Shop shoes now.