Nothing creates confidence the way sunglasses do. There's just something about finishing off an ensemble with a stylish pair of shades that ensures you look and feel summer-ready. So with so many styles out there designed to suit different face shapes, which pair should you choose? Read on to find out...

Round: Circular sunnies can tend to make round faces appear even rounder. This shape will be far more suited to an oval face.

Rectangular: Boxy shapes are far more suitable for a round face, as they will introduce lines and angularity. A generally good rule is to avoid wearing glasses that have a similar shape to your face.

Here are some more tips:

If your eyes are close together, avoid larger frames. Also avoid larger frames if you have facial hair, as you will mask your features even further. The top bar of your glasses should align with your eyebrows.

When it comes to sunglasses trends, the great thing is they are all pretty timeless. In fact, it seems that every year we reach back in time for retro designs (with a little help from Hollywood).

Wayfarers: The infamous style made famous in the 1980s, Wayfarers have made a huge comeback in recent years and add instant cool to any look.

Aviators: Originally worn by military pilots, aviators are another timeless style that never go out of vogue.

Teashades: A slightly more obscure style of eye wear, teashades were popularised in the 1960s by John Lennon. Keep an eye out for many modern day reinventions of this classic style that can give your look a retro twist.