It started when we were kids. Late August/early September was the time we would pull on our crisp new school uniforms and head to class with our brand new rucksacks filled with new stationary and blank pads. As adults, we (thankfully) don't have the same expectations to wear a uniform the way we did as children, but there's something about investing in a stylish new suit as we move from late summer into early autumn. Here are some ideas for your work attire as you stride stylishly into the colder months.


Don't get lost in a sea of grey and monochrome during your commute to work. A pop of colour can really inject some life into your autumn office attire; a vibrant yellow knit like this one is the perfect piece to layer between a crisp white shirt and well-cut blazer. The tie ensures the look still has a formal touch.


When it comes to tailoring, beige certainly isn't boring. Neutrals have remained hugely popular in suiting over the past few seasons and AW13 is set to continue the trend. We like this guy's use of layers and how he's also opted for neutral footwear. His slim-fit trousers and checked blazer also give the look a casual undertone, perfect for Fridays in the office.


If you are in an industry where you're required to turn up suited and booted, make sure you do with impact. A three-piece suit, printed tie, pocket square and holdall like this man has will ensure you turn heads for all the right reasons in your next meeting. Don't forget the most important accessory of all: confidence.


For those of you working in more creative industries (media types - we're looking at you), there is more room to experiment with your choices of work attire. We like how this gent has teamed a matching waistcoat and blazer with slim-fit jeans in deep blue and pale blue suede brogues with red laces. The look is given its final quirky touch with the bow tie and pocket square.

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