If drinking, dancing and overindulging has taken its toll, make sure that you're ready to brave the New Year with Murdock's guide to recovery grooming.

After imparting his advice on which hairstyles to sport, and how to get prepped to party, Murdock's Master Barber Alex Glover below bestows his advice on how to make a grooming recovery following a season of rambunctious merriment.


Unfortunately, not all physical ills can be remedied by external treatments. Don't just overindulge on fine foods and alcohol, instead reach for the citrus fruits, bananas and nuts which appear in abundance around the festive period.

Forgo your morning toast and instead throw a handful of sultanas into your porridge, along with cinnamon and ginger powder. These dietary additions are not only festive, but they'll help to keep your immune system on an even keel too.


It sounds obvious, but adequate hydration can go a long way to combating the external signs of Christmas overindulgence. The most important time to replenish your H2O reserves? Make sure that your last drink of the night isn't alcoholic, but rather pure water.


The surest give-away of many nights spent dancing until dawn is dark circles beneath your eyes. With its potent mix of aloe to soothe and hydrate, and herbal arnica to alleviate bruising, this cucumber scented Anti-Ageing Eye Serum will go a long way to ensuring that your nightlife remains as inconspicuous as possible.


Make sure that you consider your smell for the New Year by opting for Murdock's Napier 1903 Cologne. With top notes of thyme, sage, cypress, hyssop and fig leaf, heart notes of patchouli, fig and dried fruit, and base notes of oakmoss, apple and amber, this fragrance combines seasonal fruits with sophisticated masculinity. If you smell fresh, feeling fresh is sure to follow suit.


If the skin on your face has seen finer moments, try Murdock's Exfoliating Facial Scrub  (which contains apple AHA, pumice, aloe and jojoba) to slough off dead skin cells, leaving a pleasant scent in its wake. Once you've made away with dull lifeless skin, generously slather on Daily Facial Moisturiser which contains anti-inflammatory qualities and is packed with vitamins.


Even if you can’t make it to the Alps to ski this season, check out the Murdock lodge at Somerset House's ice skating rink. Get blood pumping to your extremities and fill your lungs with icily fresh air. Pop over on your lunch break for an hour or visit after work, and whilst in the vicinity stock up on Murdock's reviving skincare products.