Mr. Reiss' Grooming Cupboard


Maybe it’s a hangover from being a kid, or maybe it’s an actual hangover, but Sunday always feels like a good day to get groomed by doing all those things that fall by the wayside Monday-Friday. Here are our top picks from Mr Reiss’ bathroom cupboard to help you get fresh and ready for the coming week, whatever it holds.

Brylcreem Original (below left).
Classic Brylcreem is the best thing for getting an authentically slick quiff just right. At about three quid for a huge tub, it’s great either as an everyday option, or to keep for a night on the tiles. Make sure you apply it to damp hair, and start with a small amount.
Nude Facial Wash (above centre).
Admittedly, the lilac coloured packet might not be the most masculine hue on the planet, but the cleansing facial wash by Nude is brilliantly efficient for all types of man-skin, and the fragrance is florally refreshing.
Aesop Tea Tree Leaf Exfoliator (above right).
This is genius: basically, crushed walnut shell and tea tree leaf are a dry exfoliator to add to whatever face wash you use. It lasts virtually forever, and gets bonus points for coming in a medicinal-looking brown glass bottle with stopper.
Kheil’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF15 (above centre).
Lightweight, unscented and easily absorbed (even for guys with stubble), Kheil’s classic moisturiser is a great grooming staple. We like the SPF 15 variety.
Astier de Vilatte, Eau Chic (above right).
Because an awful lot of men’s fragrances have a tendency to smell a bit like a) your dad, or b) a changing room, we’ve been searching for something unusual and sophisticated for ages. Astier de Vilatte are a French company who make candles, crockery and glassware. And three fragrances. Eau Chic combines tuberose, ylang ylang, rosemary and lavender in a fantastically complex and sophisticated fragrance.